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The MUSE by Renzo Piano

The Autonomous Province of Trento asked starchitect Renzo Piano to create in a disused industrial area of approximately 19,000 sqm not just a museum, but a place to reflect on the relationship between nature and man. That is how the MUSE was born - so successful that it was the only museum in Italy to be awarded an honourable mention at the European Museum of the Year Awards 2015.

From the mountains to the challenges of sustainability, from the first men on Earth to the DNA's secrets. With “special effects” to experience virtually the same emotions of a climb on the Dolomites walls or a downhill skiing descent.

A very real experience, however, is touching with your own hand fossils and minerals, using the microscope and going into the large greenhouse with living plants from the Tanzania forest.

And more, the dinosaurs of the Alpine region, their footprints, the first painted stones and the weapons of prehistoric hunters in the ice age.

In a science gym you can learn the principles of physics and mechanics with the help of interactive installations.


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