Rosmini’s birthplace

Rustic-elegant residence with a historical library of over 15,000 volumes Antonio Rosmini, a philosopher of international reputation, was born here in 1797.

This rustic-elegant residence once stood in open countryside, outside the city walls. The current architectural design is owed to the engineer Mascanzani who followed the design of the architect Ambrogio Rosmini, uncle of the great thinker.

Visit the interior of the palazzo, rich with original furnishings, among them the room where Antonio Rosmini was born, his Uncle Ambrogio's apartment and the Hall of Mirrors. The real jewel of the palazzo is the historical library, which spans all fields of knowledge and boasts approximately 15,000 volumes. A large collection of antique prints and a remarkable collection of paintings add to the heritage of the Casa Rosmini, the latter is visible during visits to the house. Both these collections are the fruit of the architect Ambrogio Rosmini's passion for art.

The birthplace of Antonio Rosmini can be visited by prior telephone booking.

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