Cerimonie ed Eventi

Ceremonies and events

Relais Mozart, which was once a garden hothouse, was only recently converted to its present form using “green” materials. It provides an elegant ,peaceful and verdant retreat in the heart of Rovereto. t is a unique place to hold events and meetings, made even more attractive by the care given to the indivdual details and requirements of our guests.

The dining hall can accommodate up to 60 persons for sit-down meals. In fair weather the space can be extended to accommodate up to 150 persons by the use of elegant gazebos placed in the gardens, which provide panoramic views. 

Weddings and Cerimonies

Arrangements for weddings, christenings and other such events must be agreed in advance. In addition to the basic rental of the dining hall and adjacent garden, other services can be provided so as to accommodate every required detail. Giuseppe and Elisabeth de Probizer are available to arrange for catering service, to prepare a welcoming buffet and bar in the garden, to provide musicians, arrange for photgraphic services and the printing of invitations.

Party and dinners

Knowing how to make very special moments requires understanding their importance to our guests and helping to make them special by putting them in just the right setting. These can be cultural events, cermonies or banquets. Whichever they are, these special gatherings will be remembered forever when held in this perfect setting.

Musical and cultural events

The warm welcome by Joseph and Elisabeth de Probizer is also found in a careful availability in illustrating the historical events of the park and the architecture that preserves.

The interest on the part of the family to live in the place the charm of the cultural and intellectual ferment that inspired its entirety, to continue that story that has seen protagonist of meetings and exchanges of ideas and knowledge, creates the basis for a 'extreme willingness to agree on how to host the most diverse cultural activities, from music, to those literary, culinary and artistic.

The garden and its history

The design and the imprint made on the natural setting of the large gardens of the villa de Probizer has its roots in the fascinating history of its birth through the will of a brillian Roveretan Giuseppe Antonio Bridi, a figure typical of the 18th Century intellectuals, who combined the sharp wit of a businessman with cultural interests, being himself a singer and member of Freemasonry where all...